Monday, January 13, 2014

Everybody (Uni's Back)

Well, it has been the first day back at college for the latest term. It's been a day of minor-heart attacks, mini bouts of optimism and some annoyance.

The minor heart-attack was in the shape of a presentation for Response to Empire module. I hate presentations! What's more, I can't join a group on the webpage where we are to join. Frustrating. I want a specific topic, so I want to join fast to ensure I get it. But once again, technology is not being my friend.

Luckily, I got my reading list for Modernism and it looks good!
Yeats. Pound. James. I'm in heaven!
As for my Post-colonialism Literature and Theory list. Not so much happiness with that. Although I have been meaning to read Midnight's Children by Rushdie for a while now. So, it's not all bad.

The annoyance came at the end of the day as I queued for the bus. Typically a crowd came swarming around me and I ended up being one of the last to actually board the bus. That resulted in me standing for a few stops. But then the 5ive's Megamix came on shuffle. That's guaranteed to get you in a good mood as much as this gem. (Anyone who has seen This Is The End should agree.)

Monday, January 6, 2014

"Clueing For Looks"

It’s nigh on impossible to shut my trap and not completely fangirl about how great The Sign of Three episode of Sherlock was last night.
I’m holding on and holding on until my American friends have watched. But after reading a lot of negative comments about the episode on Twitter last night, I am trying especially hard to tie my fingers and not go all mad spoilery. All I will say is, drunk Sherlock and Watson made my week!
Be gone, nay-sayers! If you don’t get or don’t enjoy the bromance, then you miss half the magic of the show. Detective shows are two-a-plenty, what makes Sherlock great is the friendship and the fun you can tell that all involve are having.

A Fare-de-well?

Remember the other day when I bad-mouthed Blogger and reminisced the good old days when I blogged on Wordpress? Well, I went straight over to Wordpress and set up a new blog over there.
I take back the praise. Wordpress has changed!
It still causes less server problems than Blogger, but, dear lord! you'd think I was trying to land on Mars for the rigamole I have trying to find a decent layout. Apparently a simple black with perhaps a touch of red or blue and a vertical column is more rare than Thor/Loki themed Converse (I'm on the look-out and shan't give up!) They're also charging money. Pfft! What do I look like, in my Penny's t-shirt, torn jeans (that weren't bought, seven years ago, torn) and glued-on sole of my battered Doc's? Someone who has a pot to piddle in? Nope, not me. Typical poor student here!
A basic black will have to suffice.
And I'll saunter off now, try to decide which blog I will let slide from now on; here or

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

A New Year, a new set of resolutions broken. Actually, no, strike that. No more resolutions. I got too tired of breaking them that I no longer start them. I think it's for the best.
I got my annual report from wordpress regarding my old blog. Apparently my writing has 'staying power.' Who knew? I sure didn't. I was surprised to see the report as I've not used that blog in years.
I miss it though. I miss those years. Granted, I was grossly unhappy and was in the midst of grieving for my brother. But I had Harry Potter and the fandom and that was deadly. And slightly embarrassing as I look back a see a lot was Harry related.
Crazy to look back. Look back and see what I achieved, what I didn't achieve, and what I no longer want to achieve.
I wonder what, in a few years, I make of this blog. It'll probably be 'Jeez! Did I ever use the damn thing?'
Truth be known, no offence Blogger (actually lots of offence, you're crap!) Wordpress was just better. My browse supported it, for starters. And layouts where easier to adapt for my own preference. Damn that moonlight-quill who owns the name on wp! I shall curse you until my throat is sore and dry...actually, that sounds like effort. I'll probably just leave it so.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Movies of 2013

It is that time of year again. Or better yet, let me remember that this is the first end of year I've had on this blog and state instead that this time of year is usually when I do a round-up of the films I've seen during the year and rank my top five. I used to do it a lot more in-depth, but time is short, lots to do, people to get the picture. Allow me to proceed.

Les Miserables
The Impossible
Pitch Perfect
Movie 43
This is 40
A Good Day to Die Hard
The Great and Powerful Oz
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Identity Thief

Monday, December 9, 2013

*exasperated sigh*

It is currently essay season in college. Fun times? Not so much. Particularly when you're just home from college after spending the day (since 9 o'clock this morning!!!) in the library.

One down, a million billion zillion to go.

Oh, okay, I exaggerated a little with that million billion marlarky. That's just how it feels. I've an English one due on Friday. 3,000 words. *insert panicked face here* I should probably go start that...Anyone like to remind me why I thought a return to academia was a good idea?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Day of The Doctor

I'm a Potterhead, Sherlocked and a Whoivan. I am also a big cinephile. I love everything about the cinema-going experience. The popcorn. The over-priced tickets. The sense you get when in the middle of a great crowd, all ready and willing to be entertained.
But never in all my trips to the cinema have I experienced the atmosphere that was last nights screening of The Day of The Doctor in cineworld. There were fezzes, pin-striped suits and even a forth Doctor, and that was just the crowd. (I lacked any Who-inspired clothing, which disappointed me. I did wear my Loki Charms t-shirt though, you know, just to show some geek.)

1. The bar part was somewhat pimped out with Bad Wolf posters and had Sonic Screwdrivers cocktails on offer. Sadly, we were the later showing and there wasn't much left. Not even a coke to wet my whistle, I had to make do with a diet coke *shudder*
2. Never has it been so packed. There was a queue for the pre-booked ticket machines. (never seen that before!) You couldn't move in the corridor for the crowd awaiting to go in.
3. The sense of camaraderie was something else. Strangers were stopping each other in the foyer and along the corridors complimenting each others t-shirts, costumes and fezzes. Oh, there were sooo many fezzes! (That's because fezzes are cool!) People were picking up conversations with people in the seats in front of them, behind them, and none of it was to complain. It was all excited Who-themed talk and many people offered their neighbours a Jelly Baby or two.
4. Clapping. Cheering. Gasping. Laughing. The 50th anniversary inspired it all. One guy was so utterly thrilled by the Curator that I think he bust an internal organ for the little joyous dance he did in his chair.

It was an entirely new experience, and one I wish would happen more often. It was a pleasure to be a Whoivan and witness that little pocket of time-wimey when the Doctor inspired nothing but thrilling bliss tinged with expectations of the grandest sort.